They can throw away their fancy words and educations!

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They can throw away their fancy words and educations!

Post by blackdahlia1 on Sat May 14, 2016 11:12 am

Throw away their diplomas and ribbon band
Throw away their powers of enforcement
Or tell me what to do on my own land
You'd better  vacate property and land
My ancestors lived and died fighting for justice so don't  think you'll push me out of your way
I'll live on this little plot of England until under this soil I lay
Now take your silly powers of enforcement and stick them up your ass
This is my little haven and through my front door you will never pass
For I have a rather large family and they all share the same bed in the same second bedroom inside
but my four sons are big strapping lads in slaughterhouses they now work
On second thoughts come in now and you'll be the next cow skinned you berk wave

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