Casual observations of you neighbours and your neighbourhood.

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Casual observations of you neighbours and your neighbourhood.

Post by blackdahlia1 on Wed May 04, 2016 2:45 pm

The postman turns up at about 11am and delivers his quota and the sits in his van for about half an hour eating his lunch from a plastic container
Come 11.15 a neighbour walks his poor excuse for a dog around the block never failing to bark if that's the word for a little git just to wind my dogs up but
they don't always take the bait so that one goes home disappointed.
Around mid day the idiots from the nearby blocks of flats awake and start conversations with other inhabitants on different floors so they need to shout to hear each other
above the traffic lol.
Between 2 and three PM the same buggers appear outside to go to the local shops to buy cheap white cider, megaphones and party hats as god forbid anyone who just wants a quiet life as then the parties start paid for by tax payers past or presently.
It's a laugh a minute living in a big city lol.

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