Everyone else is asleep!

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Everyone else is asleep!

Post by blackdahlia1 on Wed Jan 27, 2016 10:00 am

I wish I was!
I'm bloody wide awake again, you are all snoring your heads off Sleep
I'm wondering how you do it?????????????????
No guilty consciences out there are there?
No Muslims regretting blowing up strangers just going about doing what they do, no black folks mugging old ladies for pennies, no white teens picking on anyone they think of as vulnerable and no-one like Michael Barrymore being effed over by the press until he wakes up tomorrow morning feeling crapped on for doing no more than having a party at his home which I think was evil by anyones standards.
He was the biggest star we've ever had but I believe him when he tried to explain what really happened that night.
Everyone on earth except the Jury knew OJ Simpson was guilty but bribes had been paid so he walked then did virtually the same again in thinking he would never get jailed for anything he did.
Be a star and beat the rap Evil or Very Mad

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Re: Everyone else is asleep!

Post by Major Starbold on Wed Jan 27, 2016 8:24 pm

There are many who beat the rap BD, evil vile Savile.
Major Starbold
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